We all,
as three generations, have aimed at producing high quality meat in Turkey for one century.
With this experience;
ETÇİLER COMPANY, which was founded 12 years ago, has been established to produce high quality
meat in today's conditions as the most modern OPEN BATTERY-FARM which is 30 km. to Izmir.

In past;
the founders of our firm began to carry out the saling method "GRAVEDING" and it encourages our investments of today.
we challenge with our quality of meat in Turkey.So we are aware of our sectoral responsibility.
Our desire;
is to reveal our qualified and healthy productions in the fields of Tourism and Mass-Consumption.
In fact, the truth that we are producers is an economical advantage for us.
For this reason;
we have established a marketing organization which can carry out all kinds of demand on meat.
We believe that the meat we produce at European standards will also contribute to our country in these fields.

Manager Board of Administration